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Stolen Nights of Passion by Leigha Phillips

Stolen Nights of Passion ~ Leigha Phillips

A historical fiction m/m romance novella (Rated NC-17)

4 out of 5 stars

Book Summary

Collin Reese, valet to the Earl of Balor, harbors a deep secret. He is deeply in love with his employer and has been since one fateful night three years ago. After a chance encounter, his deepest desires are realized in a brothel which caters to men of very particular tastes. Collin knows he can never allow the earl to realize who his masked lover is, but neither can he deny his longing for more than one night.

Drake, the Earl of Balor, has a job to do for his queen and his country, one that puts him at direct odds with the yearning of his heart. His nights in the brothel keep him going. Never in his wildest imagination does he believe his deepest desire is as close as the next room. But just as his lover’s identity is revealed, his world threatens to fall apart as his queen and enemies close in.

My Review - Terri @mybookboyfriend

I’m growing to be a huge historical fiction m/m romance lover. The aspects of forbidden love just add that level of danger that rackets up the heat. And this story was no different.

The characters are interesting especially our lovely Collin. Poor guy’s life has been pretty rough. And just when he’s making a decent time of it, his cousin put him in a position that could be the undoing of them all.

The plotline is more than just romance. There is an added layer of mystery and intrigue of events to come.

This is a short satisfying read. Of course I wanted more. I mean really it will be cruel if there isn’t more to come.

My book boyfriend is Drake.

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