Friday, 9 March 2012

Hadyn Heat (One) - The UrgeHadyn Heat (One) - The Urge by Betty Midnight

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hadyn Heat (One) - The Urge– by Betty Midnight & Ava Michaels

This is the first book I’ve read by Betty Midnight and Ava Michaels and I have to say I will be reading more of their books in the near future. Hadyn Heat is the first of a four part series and I definitely can’t wait to read book two. Both authors have an easy to read writing style, character description are done well and they have introduced us to wide range of other character’s that I am hoping we see in the future maybe with their own stories or just part of this new series .

We are introduced to Hadyn and Taylor who are younger male werewolves both men learning how to control their natural urges/animal instincts to mate. Taylor and Hadyn are good friends and help each other out as much as possible to lessen their urges. You can feel the heat and the attraction between both men, Taylor’s feelings are becoming a bit more than just helping out his friend and he wishes deep down that Hadyn would make him his mate.

While out on a run Hadyn makes a grave mistake and ends up coming across a woman named Sarah and he takes her hard and fast. Unbeknownst to him his interactions with Sarah that night were being watch and the evil man ends up kidnapping Sarah hoping to lead Hadyn into a trap. Sarah who at this point is so caught up in the sexual haze of being with Hadyen doesn’t even realize what is going on around her. The plan is to entice Hadyn back to where Sarah is being held so the man can force Hadyen to mate with his daughter Sephy and take over the world.

This is a great beginning to a series that I cannot wait to read, both authors have done a terrific job in writing Hadyn Heat and have shown a different side of what it would be like to be a male werewolf. I really enjoyed this story and it only made me want to read the next book ASAP. The heat level in this story I would say was hot and rate it 4 out of 5. Overall I have rated this novel 4 stars and cannot wait to see where this series takes us next.

I would recommend Hadyn Heat to anyone who likes to read m/m and m/f paranormal romance novels.

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