Sunday 9 December 2012

Little Stalker (College Fun and Gays #4) by Erica Pike

Little Stalker (College Fun and Gays #4) by Erica Pike
This is a m/m romance novella (Rated NC-17)
(Four Lovable Hearts)
Book Summary
College student Coby is being stalked by a young guy and has no idea why, until someone suggests that the stalker may have a crush on him. The idea both excites and terrifies Coby, who is so deep in the closet he can barely manage to think the word “gay” without freaking out.
My Review ~ Terri @mybookboyfriend
This installment takes us to a well rounded boy with no real issues in his past other than the struggle to come to terms with who he is.
What’s great he has a strong support system in a friend who has his back all the way. Don’t we wish this was true for all in this similar situation?
Coby is hot. Thus, he has all the ladies.  Too bad, he can’t seem to grasp that’s not what he’s looking for.  But the cute part, he has a stalker. 
I have to say my only real complaint is that it ended. I would have liked more of a HEA to see where things went. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
Another success nibble by Erica Pike. 
My book boyfriend is probably Coby. But I really liked Grayson too. So here is Grayson.

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