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Thief (Brook Street #1) by Ava March ~ Guest Reviewer

Thief (Brook Street #1) ~ Ava March

This is an adult m/m romance novel (Rated NC-17)

5 out of 5 stars

Book Summary

London, 1822 ... It was only supposed to be one night. One night to determine once and for all if he truly preferred men. But the last thing Lord Benjamin Parker expected to find in a questionable gambling hell is a gorgeous young man who steals his heart.

It was only supposed to be a job. Cavin Fox has done it many times — select a prime mark, distract him with lust, and leave his pockets empty. Yet when Cavin slips away under the cover of darkness, the only part of Benjamin he leaves untouched is his pockets.

With a taste of his fantasies fulfilled, Benjamin wants more than one night with Cavin. But convincing the elusive young man to give them a chance proves difficult. Living with a band of thieves in the worst area of London, Cavin knows there's no place for him in a gentleman's life. Yet Benjamin isn't about to let Cavin—and love—continue to slip away from him.

My Review (Terri @mybookboyfriend)

How much did I enjoy this book, let me count the ways. I’m not much of a historical fiction reader despite the fact that I love history. But I took a chance on this story and I don’t regret it. The writing was wonderful and felt authentic in the time period at least to my novice eyes. The story was rich despite its length.

The characters were great. Benjamin trying to find his way in his romantic life. Cavin was just trying to make a way. Somehow these two find each other and it’s not all bells and whistles from there. Things aren’t easy which makes for a great story. I couldn’t help rooting for both of them to succeed.
The story was so well written I was lost in 1822 filled with the textures and smells of the time period. Caught up in the majesty of the romance, wishing I was lucky enough to have love like that.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it. For those m/m romance lovers, give this one a try. I think you will really like it.

My book boyfriend, well, I liked to have both. But I will settle for Cavin. (Excuse the unauthentic clothing for the time period).

Thursday, 17 May 2012

International Day Against Homophobia - Blog Hop


Homophobic discrimination is a serious issue in every single country on this planet, no matter how big or small. Some countries are more advanced in GLBTQ rights, while in some countries the penalty for being a GLBTQ person is death. All over the world, GLBTQ people are shunned by society, beat up, tortured, raped, and stripped of human rights in various ways. What makes people believe that they have the right to strip someone of their human rights is beyond us.

The Hop Against Homophobia is an attempt by over 250 m/m authors, reviewers and publishers to stand together and create awareness of homophobia. Each participating blog will feature a message on homophobic discrimination in its various forms. The date, May 17th, was chosen in honor of the International Day Against Homophobia and we're hoping to get people more involved with this day by inviting them to our blogs, where the visitors have a chance to win prizes.  


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Over 250 blogs participating in the International Day Against Homophobia Blog Hop check them out!

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Coming Home by M.J. O'Shea

Coming HomeComing Home by M.J. O'Shea
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Description

Dead broke and newly homeless, Tallis Carrington is on the walk of shame to end all walks of shame. Back to Rock Bay, where he’d once ruled as high school aristocracy with his band of jocks, and tormented a freshman named James Barry. Until a scandal reduced his family's name to little better than a curse word. He needs a job, and fast, so he can put the town in his rearview mirror once again. But the people of Rock Bay haven’t forgotten him, or the kid he used to be.

The only person in town willing to overlook his less than stellar reputation is Lex, the new coffee shop owner, who seems to despise Tally based on his reputation alone. Tally is desperate, so he takes the job, not understanding Lex’s hot and cold routine until he discovers that his gorgeous boss isn’t the newcomer he thought, but the very same kid he used to torture in school. Now he’ll pull out all the stops to prove he was never really the jerk everyone thought him to be. And if he can win Lex’s heart, the rest of the town should be a piece of coffee cake.

My Review:

M.J. O'Shea is a fantastic author, the character developement and plot are well written.  The words flowed so well that I couldn't put this book down.

This is a story of two men one was the bully and the other was the one being bullied.  You see and feel the tension and the build up of a new romance starting.  Can Lex forgive and forget and try to understand Tallis actions when he was younger. Can he see past his own hurt and forgive Tallis?

It was hard at time reading I did get mad at Tallis and not sure if I could forgive him .....but I will try to move on.

This is a romance story about forgiveness and understanding that people do change.

M.J. O'Shea has once again written a great story, and would recommend this book to anyone who enjoy's m/m romance.

Interview with M.J. O'Shea

Aside from writing, what else do you enjoy doing? Do you have any hobbies?

Lots:)  I paint and draw, play a few instruments, I go to dance class when I have time, I love to cook and write new recipes.

What's your favorite hobby outside of writing?

Piano. It's not really what I'd call a hobby. More like a lifetime pursuit that I'm not very good at right at the moment:) I keep telling my old teacher I'm going to get back into it.

If you weren't a writer, what would you be?

If I wasn't the size of Xena warrior princess, I'd have been a dancer. But I am...well almost. Five Ten. Other than that, I would have probably stuck with teaching junior high school, and taught music lessons on the side:)

If time travel were possible, what time period(s) would you most like to visit? Why?

Oooh, regency england for sure for sure. There are others that I'd like to see for a short while, but probably not experience first hand.

If you had the opportunity to sit down to dinner with one famous person, either past or present, who would you choose and why?

Actually, Lady Gaga. Odd answer for a writer, but she interests me. I like her drive, her odd artistic aesthetic, and she seems very intelligent.

If you were an animal, which one would you be? Why?

Tiger. For sure. Ironically they were my high school mascot, but that's not why I'd pick them. I think they're beautiful but a little dangerous, and I admire their solitary nature...and no, that's not how I see myself. I just like them. I can see people rolling their eyes thinking I consider myself solitary and dangerously beautiful. No no no...hehe.

If you could invite any fictional character to dinner who would you choose?

Is it awful if I say Nick Ventura? (one of my characters) I think he'd crack me up and I love to laugh at inappropriate jokes:) Other than that...well it would have to be Dumbledore. Who'd say no to dinner with Dumbledore?

If you could travel in a Time Machine would you go back to the past or into the future? Why?

The Past. I think the future would be interesting to see, but I have the brain of an archaeology major. I have to see all of the things I used to read about in class. I want to see what Egypt looked like in the time of the pharaohs, I want to see ancient greece...yeah, no more dorking out.

If you could have any superpower/be any superhero, what/who would you choose? Why?

I'd want to be able to fly for sure. One of my favorite feelings is getting as high as I can jumping on a trampoline. I'd love to really be able to take off in the air and just keep going and going. I would NOT want to be able to read people's minds. Sometimes it's best not to know what people are thinking.

You have won one million dollars what is the first thing that you would buy?

Definitely some sort of dream vacation. For an airline captain's daughter, I haven't been that many places. I'd love to travel and see the world.

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you want with you?

Sunscreen! Lol. Other than that, another person, a knife, and one last peppermint white mocha…


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From Love & Pain by H.A. Caine {Guest Reviewer Terri from My Book Boyfriend}

From Love & Pain ~ H.A. Caine

This is a m/m adventure, thriller, and romance novella

4 out of 5 stars

Book Summary

29 year old Adrian ran away from an imprisoning and abusive household at the age of 19. For years he ran, living on the streets and in shelters, taking crappy jobs to save a little money. Ten years of struggling and now he is a successful partner of a security company. Under the guise of running the security company, Adrian and his best friend and the people who work for them help others who live unfortunately. Like Adrian, not one of his employees have a nice past. They're all running from something, never letting their guards down and they don't want others to suffer as they have. But Adrian makes the mistake of falling in love with a young man when he's 27. For a while, he gets to experience what it's like to be a normal man. He never thought he could be happy, but Jaxon makes him the happiest man in the world. Only it can't last and Adrian is forced to leave or risk Jaxon's life. But his demons caught up with him long before he realized and now no ones safe. Can Adrian save Jaxon before it's too late? And can Jaxon forgive him for walking away?

My Review {Guest Reviewer ~ Terri @ My Book Boyfriend}

This story has a little of everything from a dark past to a bright future. Told from two points of view, we get our rescuer and our captive. Their lives somehow intertwined together.

It’s a short story, so we don’t get the full impact of all the characters but I thought there was enough to enjoy the story.

Honestly, I wish it had been a bit longer to really understand the torment Adrian experienced.

If you want a quick nibble with a little more than just your average romance, this is the story for you.

My book boyfriend Adrian.


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