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His Undoing by Aria Grace

His Undoing by Aria Grace

Book Summary

Best Selling Gay/Lesbian Erotica Author brings you...

When Mike found out he would be sharing a dorm with a former football star, he was terrified. He'd been bullied by jocks all his life for being scrawny and weak and didn't have high expectations of how it would go. To his surprise, Brett was a great guy that was easy to get along with and seemed to enjoy his company. When Mike learned that Brett was gay, it was a shock but it also explained the threatening letters that Mike had been receiving. Was Mike really at risk because of a jealous ex? Was there even anything to be jealous of?

*** Warning: Contains graphic descriptions of gay sex ***

My Review

This story is sweet. That’s the best way to describe it. Mike gets caught up in the middle of some jealousy and his roommate Brett always seems to be there to help him out.

There is one thing true in this world, the heart wants what the heart wants. I’m not convinced that Mike is a born again gay guy. I’m thinking he’s more of a hetro flexible or bi, but that’s just me. I just didn't seem that repulsed by women.

It is a touching, sweet, cute story that I will think about over and over again. It’s a quick read and well worth your time.

I love them both, but my book boyfriend is Mike.

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